Alberta online casinos in 2022

Canada has many virtues as a country, but few people think of it as a place for free and safe casinos. The recent pandemics raised the demands of online gambling and the industry has a lot of enjoyment to offer now. Online casinos in Alberta are one of the best and most diverse in the country, offering you countless variants to risk, win and have fun. The visitors will be spoiled with our immense list of online gambling activities that become better and better each month. Even at home, or, on the contrary, somewhere away from major gambling joints, you may enjoy the sights and sounds of a real casino atmosphere, having your safe, legal and great time.

List of the Best Alberta Online Casino Offers

We browsed through dozens and dozens of Alberta online casinos to choose the best. We tried the most appealing ones (a part of our team won some extra money during that research!) and checked out several criteria. Have a look at what we’ve got!


Lots of people are hesitating to try online gambling because they don’t feel enough control. That’s why online gambling in Alberta is full of bonuses, especially for new players. Everyone has a chance to try themselves and test their luck without spending too much money.


No deposit bonus is one of the most widespread and popular bonuses of online casinos in Alberta. You may try to gamble without actually putting any money on your casino account. Just use your free bonus money to give it a try, and invest your own finances only if you feel exceptionally lucky today. Or, possibly, you are a novice gambler and are not yet familiar with the game rules. The online casinos offer you a safe way to learn without fear of losing your money. Or you may just play your favourite slots or poker for fun to relax after a hard day. The good mood is also a huge win!


Of course, if there is a no deposit bonus, there should be a deposit bonus, too! Usually, they are paid for your first deposit, to encourage new players, and may reach up to a hundred percent! Just imagine having your money doubled as gratitude for choosing this particular online gambling facility! Some EcoPayz casinos also have weekly bonuses for recurring players and cashback for some games. Online casinos combine the best of both worlds today: the atmosphere of real gambling and cute little encouraging features of online games, like weekly gifts, bonuses and discounts.


Welcome bonuses include, but aren’t limited by the two above. They may include free spins, extra games or even access to the VIP game zone for some time. The welcome bonuses in Alberta online casinos exist to both enhance your experience and encourage you to buy premium features later, by giving you a try. Keep this in mind, but even if you aren’t planning to go VIP anytime soon, you still may enjoy your free week or month of full gambling possibilities.

Gambling laws in Alberta

We aren’t offering some shady deals here! Every online gambling activity is absolutely legal for people of the appropriate age. Just check the short guideline below to make sure Alberta online casinos are totally safe to you, as much as they are enjoyable.


Free games are totally legal. It’s a hundred percent legal and safe to play in online casinos when money is not involved. You don’t have to be of an appropriate age to spin the wheel for fun. You don’t even need to download any apps, sign up or transfer your personal data to the casino in any other way. You may find free slots (different varieties of them: Reels, Paylines, and so on), Blackjack, Roulettes of all kinds, Poker with real people or AI, Bingo, Keno, Baccarat, and dozens of various Arcades.


But if you choose to bet your money, you need to confirm that your age is over 18 years old. So you’d need to provide some personal information to any online casino in Alberta. They will need your card number to transfer the money you’d win, after all!


But in general, the online gambling rules are pretty lenient in the country. To be specific, they are missing. There is an old law called the Gaming and Liquor Act, but it mostly considers brick and mortar casinos, while online casinos stay outside this law. No one has ever banned a single online gambling facility in Alberta in 2021. Moreover, the quarantine restrictions encourage owners to open more and more online casinos and that fierce competition makes them even more comfortable and transparent. Any shady activity just can’t survive when you have dozens of legal alternatives.


The government hasn’t yet announced a single answer about whether online casinos should be legalized in Canada. But until the legal ground is fully settled, the casinos can operate freely, because everything that isn’t prohibited is still allowed. We still advise you to check the legal provisions of the platform of your choice. We have chosen the online casinos in Alberta with the best reputation possible, but it won’t hurt to read the necessary info by yourself, right?

Enjoy All Your Favourite Casino Games Available in Alberta Online Casinos

Some people don’t trust online casinos, considering them just a temporary substitute for land-based casinos in Alberta. But the tech progress marches on and modern online gambling offers the users a completely unique experience. Virtual gambling facilities allow you to enjoy all your favourite games, both free and paid, staying safe and comfortable at your home. You are not limited with stakes, dress code, certain games that are available in that particular casino. Moreover, you may stay safe during any quarantine restrictions, continuing to enjoy your favourite recreational activities.


The online casinos in Alberta offer you the most lifelike gambling experience possible. The colors, the sounds, the interactions with other players in collective games, and the interfaces made to resemble the real dealers’ tables are made with your satisfaction in mind. The staff won’t let you get bored, and the croupiers are boasting the same excellent skills as in brick and mortar casinos. The tables are so interactive and ergonomic that you will forget that they are virtual in mere minutes. Some of the most recommended online casinos in 2021 include Jackpot City Casino, Spin Casino, Ruby Fortune, Betway, Magic Red casino and more – you may search for reviews online to get detailed information. 


In a way, virtual gambling may be even better than ground-based ones. No land casino can offer you the same range of activities as virtual casinos in Alberta have. Brick and mortar facilities just can’t have enough room to fit all the slot machines, Bingo, Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack tables, lotteries, and tournament grounds. Online gambling has it all at the palm of your hand. You may get access to your virtual casino account from everywhere: be it your PC at home, laptop at a cafe, or even the smartphone in the middle of nowhere. You don’t need to plan your visit to the casino ahead anymore: just log in and have fun!

Online Gambling In Alberta: pros and cons

As with any activity, online gambling has its own positive and negative sides. You should remember that land-based and online casino experiences may and will slightly differ. So, let’s see what you may experience during your online gambling:



  • If you play for free, you don’t need to sign in and confirm your age
  • You may play for free without risking your money as long as you wish
  • No need to download any applications
  • Access from everywhere, all you need is an Internet connection
  • The broadest range of gambling activities
  • Safe and legal
  • Can be played during the quarantines or while travelling
  • Lots of bonuses, free spins, and weekly rewards



  • There is less communication with real people
  • You can’t use a gambling session as a fancy way out occasion
  • If you bet your money, you still have to share your personal information
  • Certain features are limited to premium accounts.

Land-Based Casinos in Alberta

Casino Lethbridge

One of the biggest and fanciest casinos available in Alberta, located in Lethbridge, it has an immense number of gaming tables and more than four hundred of slot machines. The main and the most well-known feature of Lethbridge is video lottery machines and luxurious poker tables that often host tournaments or just hobby games. Lethbridge is a place of diverse entertainment: you may have a great dinner there, listen to a live performance, or watch a sports game.

Address: 3756 2 Ave S, Lethbridge, AB T1J 4Y9, Canada

Century Casino St Albert

The incredible feature of this casino is horse racing (bets are, of course, accepted) shown on the HDTV screens. Located in the city of Edmonton, It’s a popular tourist destination, but even the neighbors love to spend their weekends there. The only missing activity there is Poker, everything else, including slots, roulettes and lotteries, is present and plentiful. The visitors also mention a great bar that allows you to make your time at St Albert even brighter.

Address: 24 Boudreau Rd, St. Albert, AB T8N 6K3, Canada

Great Northern Casino

It is a place in Grande Prairie to have a lot of great time both playing and resting. Great cuisine, live performances every weekend night and stand-up shows during the week will keep the visitors entertained between gambling. The poker hall hosts different tournaments quite often, so it’s better to reserve a poker table for your company in advance.

Address: 10910 107 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7R2, Canada

Casino Yellowhead

A whopping number of 763 slot machines says it all. It’s an incredibly spacious facility in Edmonton that doubles as a club with a full-fledged stage, sound system and HDTV sets allowing hundreds of people to have the best time of their lives simultaneously. The program is constantly changing and this diversity attracts more and more people, so if you like being amongst other human beings and get very, very social today – it is your choice!

Address: 12464 153 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5V 1S5, Canada

Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino

This casino is a full-fledged Kananaskis-based resort with hotels, great nature around, luxury apartments and lots of entertainment included. The prices are a bit steep, but it is a great place to spend the weekend in.A golf simulator, an aqua park with water slides and a gym will keep you active and healthy between the gambling sessions.

Address: 888 Nakoda Way, Kananaskis, AB T0L 1N0, Canada

Online casinos in Alberta FAQ

What is the minimum legal age to play?

Unlike the other provinces where the age minimum is 19 years, people are allowed to gamble since they are 18 in Alberta. Also, if you gamble for free, without betting any money, you don’t have to provide any personal information and confirm your age. So, technically, there are no age restrictions for free play.


Is gambling legal in Alberta?

The Canadian government doesn’t have any laws banning online gambling. The Alberta laws are pretty lenient, but you are allowed to enjoy most forms of online casino activities unless you are underage. Land-based casinos have more rules and regulations than online ones.


How can I get the money I won?

You don’t have to pay any taxes unless your gambling makes you a constant profit and it’s your job of a kind. But if you aren’t a professional player or sportsperson, you just get your money transferred to your account, as a usual payment. The residents of other countries might have to pay the taxes according to the laws of their countries.


How can I stay safe in the online casino?

We gathered a list of online casinos in Alberta that are considered the safest. They all have a good reputation, constant clients’ feedback and fair bets. No one will withstand such a crazy competition being dishonest. But to be extra sure, you may choose the one you like and read all the legal terms and agreements, study the payment systems the casino works with and read the reviews at the independent sites.


Are online casinos better than land-based ones?

It depends on what you wish to get. Land-based casinos are great places to socialize and combine gambling with other types of entertainment. Online gambling has its unique features, such as bonuses and weekly rewards, like in online games. They are also available from any part of the world and may become cheaper and more casual alternatives to the land-based ones. Online gambling is a great option for those who want to play for free just to have fun without spending any money.