Best Online Casinos in Ontario

Ontario is one of the most casino-rich provinces in Canada. 25 land-based casinos – more than in most of the other lands – and hundreds of available online gambling facilities attract gamers from all over the country. We can’t name the best casino in Ontario, because they are too diverse and marvellous to choose just one. But what we definitely know is that you are probably within an hour’s drive from some of them if you are living in this province. What’s more exciting is that you are a few clicks away from a plethora of Ontario online casinos that offer you fun anytime and anywhere.

But how much is too much? The Ontario online gambling industry is incredibly broad. You may spend a lifetime trying all the gaming facilities, losing time and money until you find the right place for you to play. So, we created a list of casinos in Ontario that were thoroughly checked and cherry-picked from dozens of other ones. Behold, the best of the best online casinos in Ontario!

List of Online Casinos to play safely in Ontario

  1. King Billy
    Total bonuses: $2000
    Free spins: 200
    Games: 400+
  2. JackpotCity
    Total bonuses: $1600
    Free spins: n/a
    Games: 500+
  3. Spin Casino
    Total bonuses: $1000
    Free spins: n/a
    Games: 600+
  4. Golden Star Casino
    Total bonuses: $500
    Free spins: 100
    Games: 800+
  5. CatCasino
    Total bonuses: 100% doubling the first deposit
    Free spins: 150
    Games: 3000+

How We Rate Online Casinos in Ontario?

The answer is very simple: by playing them! At first we manually choose the most reviewed casinos. Hundreds of reviews mean that they are popular enough to attract many people even on such a heated market. Running an online casino in Ontario is a tricky business, so any facility that survives for a long time and still keeps its players, deserves our attention. Then we play there, testing all the cases: from the luckiest ones (yes, we can win some money eventually!) to unfortunate ones when we have to contact the support. Then we choose the top of the top and create our list of casinos in Ontario.

Here are our criteria:

Bonus offers for new and existing players

Getting bonuses is a significant part of the fun. The trait is unique for online gambling, Ontario or not. It allows people to enjoy gambling without actually spending the money (while in a ground-based venue you need a thick wallet to have a nice time!). Giving new players welcome bonuses is a great way for the casino to advertise itself, showcase the new games, people are still hesitant to try. It is also the way to lure the inexperienced players who don’t know the rules well enough to spend real money.

Besides lowering the anxiety level, bonus offers have another important role: they keep players entertained. The daily or weekly bonuses make people return to the site regularly and spend these bonuses and, possibly, something extra. This feature isn’t exclusively used by Ontario online casinos, but the local facilities have some of the biggest welcome bonuses in the country. Don’t miss your chance to try them!

Payout and deposit

Playing is exciting, but getting your prize is even more exciting. The money transfer speed is one of the most important traits for any online casino in Ontario or elsewhere. You need to deposit money fast to start playing immediately (or, at least, until your bonus offers wear off), and you may want to get your prizes as fast as possible, because there aren’t many more frustrating things that your money that you can’t reach.

The withdrawal process through the major payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal is a sign of trust and quality. Getting your venue approved by the big financial players demands a lot of legal paperworks, many checks and tests and may, at least, guarantee that you may get your money back in case of any inconveniences. Moreover, several payment systems allow you to plan the withdrawal with minimum commission, making your Ontario online gambling (and winning) process as fruitful as possible.

License and Security

While major payment systems grant some degree of security, it isn’t the only thing we shall check. At first we need to thoroughly read all the legal documents the Ontario online gambling facilities provide. Only those with the clearest and the most explicit terms and conditions have a chance to make it to our list. Everything considering financial operation should be described in clear terms with no fine print and hidden possibilities.

While legal safety is the top priority, we also check the software safety. We don’t want our readers to catch some malware or to suffer with glitchy sites. Our top Ontario online casinos should operate smoothly even in the gambling “rush hours” with thousands of people playing simultaneously. We prefer the software providers to be world-class ones, with carefully tested platforms and long and flawless history. The foolproof and secure sites without any breaches for malicious code are also very important, because the site is the place where you enter your personal information. Confidentiality and banking data are the most vulnerable pieces and they should be protected with extreme precision.

Players support

Even the most reliable software can glitch, and even the most intuitive interface can be understood wrong. Unfortunate things happen even in the best casinos in Ontario, but what really matters is handling them right. The support team is a crucial part of maintaining a good reputation and keeping clients faithful to the venue. That’s why the support staff should be available 24/7, work fast, be friendly and ready to think outside of the box while offering solutions. We don’t know how they manage to handle even the most difficult client with such an immense workload, but in our brilliant list of casinos in Ontario every support team member we talked to was an embodiment of friendliness. They truly did their best to resolve our issues, even when we mimicked extremely disappointed clients (we’re very sorry, guys, we hope you get rewards for that!). So the player’s support in our TOP casinos has incredibly high standards!

Gaming experience

We proceed to the most interesting part of our criteria: gaming experience. That’s what we come to Ontario online casinos for. To play and have fun. The more diverse this experience is, the better. That’s why the quantity of the games is so important for us. We don’t want to see unpleasantly similar slots with just minor differences that pose as different games. It’s a full-fledged gaming facility, not a dollar Steam bundle! So, the best casinos in Ontario should have truly diverse games: visually, mechanically, gameplay-wise and so on. We aren’t people who stick to one or two favourite games, we want to have it all.

The overall atmosphere also counts. Casinos have a special vibe, and while the ground-based facilities achieve it by design, the online casinos, Ontario or any other province, should use all the tricks available to them. Shining, tingling, light flashes, iconic casino colors – everything to create the atmosphere of a big and luxurious gaming hall right in our smartphone.

Device optimization

Speaking of smartphones: online gambling in Ontario is famous for its mobile apps. No wonder: the immense competition between the facilities makes them conquer the new markets lightning-fast. That’s why most of the biggest players on the market (no pun intended) try to adjust their online interfaces for every new device that comes to the shops. Tablets, smartphones, new PCs or laptops – the device optimization is crucial for the new customers’ busy life. They don’t have a whole weekend ahead to have a fancy going out, dressing great and hanging with friends in a ground-based casino. They just want to chill out at home, during a long trip or anywhere else.

We didn’t check all of the devices, we should admit it. But the computer simulation of most of the models allowed us to choose the most reliable and flexible apps, suitable for most of the modern gadgets. Some of them are full-fledged apps, some are just web interfaces. But still, our top list of casinos in Ontario is available from most of the devices invented by humanity.

Legal Gambling in Ontario

As in the rest of the country, online gambling in Ontario is regulated by the province’s laws. The major documents considering it are the Gaming Control Act, submitted in 1992, that covers both land-based and online facilities. It regulates the responsibility of operators (not players!), the minimum legal gambling age, fair advertisements and open information about the gaming addiction. You may gamble when you are 19 years old or older, but buying lottery tickets is allowed for 18-years-old players. A peculiar part is that cryptocurrencies can’t be accepted, to prevent “money laundering”.

Ontario online gambling was a legally-grey area until recently, but now the province is working on establishing a secure market. Any new online casino in Ontario should register at the iGaming Ontario site and pass an excruciating legal procedure to prove that it is safe to play. Bad news for casino owners, good news for us!

List of Land-based Casino Halls in Ontario

Caesar’s Windsor

This casino definitely lives up to its name! Plenty of cafes and restaurants for any taste and wallet, spa, gym, luxurious hotel with a panoramic view and nightclub to party and spend your prizes. The casino itself offers hundreds of slot machines, lots of table games with separate poker rooms for VIP players or tournaments. You may also wager on sports in the Legends bar.

Address: 377 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON N9A 7H7, Canada

Niagara Fallsview

The Fallsview is exactly what it says on the tin: it has a magnificent Falls view resort near it, with posh hotel, SPAs, shopping centre, theater and lots of other entertainments except the casino itself. We don’t understand why Niagara Fallsview has a 4-star rating, it honestly deserves 5 stars! The casino features more than a thousand slot machines on a space three football fields long! No crowding, no matter how many people are playing simultaneously. 130 tables for live dealer and tournament games may accommodate all the gamblers from Toronto and Buffalo that are located nearby so conveniently.

Address: 6815 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2G 3Y9

Casino Niagara

More than 1500 slot machines and 40 tables with a separate poker room will satisfy even the most capricious players. Thousands of tourists visit Casino Niagara to enjoy breathtaking views and spend (or win) money while having a good time. Lots of dining venues offer a diverse cuisine and a grand sports bar allows you to wager on sports while watching them simultaneously.

Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands

The variety of slot machines and table games is a bit more modest than in the previous ones, but it is the design that makes this place famous. You never fall out of the game: there are big plasma screens even in the restaurants, allowing you to watch other people gambling while you dine in the restaurant. The reward points program is also great, encouraging customers to visit this casino again and again. Not a tourist spot, but a cozy place for the locals!

Address: 380 ON-2, Gananoque, ON K7G 2V4, Canada

Casino Rama Resort

Casino Rama Resort is another grand hotel&SPA complex with a casino to match. More than 2500 slot machines and 110 table games will give you the diverse experience, and the Players Passport Club gives you a vibe of being the upper crust. The Entertainment Center will give you the unforgettable experience of live shows, music or lots of other events, and the eight restaurants will provide you with energy to play all the night!

Address: 5899 Rama Rd, Orillia, ON L3V 6H6, Canada

Top Casino Games Played in Ontario

Online slots

The slots are the easiest game to play. Just push the button and enjoy the vivid images and your lucky day! The bright spinning wheels are a perfect way to relax after a hard day and have fun, enjoying the casino vibe.


The atmosphere of poker is totally opposite. It is a no-nonsense tournament game, where your wits and the iconic ability to handle “poker face” may grant you victory even if the luck isn’t on your side. The poker tournament may make you a rich person!

Black Jack

Black Jack is another popular table game. Though you may rarely encounter a Black Jack tournament, it’s a great way to socialize and have fun with friends or new acquaintances.


Possibly the most famous casino game, it is the embodiment of the gambling atmosphere. The roulette is just beautiful and is considered a “luxurious” game. If you want to test your luck but feel too cool for slots today – try it!

Online vs Offline Gambling In Ontario pros and cons

Online gambling benefits

Welcome and recurring bonuses are a feature rarely seen in ground-based casinos, while in the online casinos in Ontario they are a must.

You may play from any device, all you need is Internet access. Sometimes you don’t even have to install an app.

Ontario online casinos allow you to play casually, literally in your favourite unicorn pajama. No socializing if you don’t want it!

Offline gambling benefits

Ground-based casinos offer you lots of extra entertainment, allowing you to plan a full weekend with gambling, sports, fancy dining and shows.

Going out is a great way to socialize, make new friends or meet with old ones

The main benefit is the possibility to take the money you won immediately. No more bank transfers and waiting.


Is gambling legal in Ontario?

Ontario is now creating the online gambling laws, so you may safely play if you are 19 years or older. It’s better to search the legal casinos on the official Ontario online gambling site.

What is Ontario’s minimum gambling age?

You need to be over 19 years old to gamble in Ontario.

Am I required to pay taxes if I win in a casino?

Unless gambling is your business, you don’t have to pay any taxes.

Is it safe to play at Ontario casinos?

Ontario has a special official website where all the safe and legal casinos should register. Use it and you’ll be totally safe!

How to identify bad online casinos?

While all the casinos listed at the site above are safe, the best of them have the best reviews. Check our list of the best Ontario casinos!

What are the recommended payment methods?

Each casino has its own payment methods, but the major ones like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal and Payoneer are accepted by most of them.

Where is the best casino in Ontario

It’s hard to tell exactly, but try our TOP-5 for online and offline gambling venues in Ontario!