Saskatchewan Online Casinos

The casinos in Saskatchewan are the place to visit indeed! The province features eight brick-and-mortar casinos, providing the 1.1 million locals with an unforgettable gambling experience. The range of games to play in Sask casinos is incredible: slots, poker, table games, sports bets, horse racing, lotteries, and many, many more.

Saskatchewan casinos aren’t just a place to gamble, it’s a whole culture. People spend weekends in luxurious hotels, enjoying SPA and sports, dining in fancy restaurants, and playing games in the evenings. But the quarantine and changes in the lifestyle put their restrictions, so online gambling became a thing during the last years.

Saskatchewan’s online casino range is much wider than its brick-and-mortar counterparts. Thousands of games, carefully selected, hundreds of live dealers waiting for the players from all over the world, tech support that is ready to help 24/7 – everything is ready to provide players the best experience possible.

Let’s see which casinos are the best in the province!

List of Online casinos to play safety in Saskatchewan

We finally made it to our list! Ready?

Jackpot City

A veteran of Saskatchewan online casinos, Jackpot City has maintained a flawless reputation over the years. The long list of the jackpot winners works up to its name, too. It’s totally real to get rich there and that’s what most of us expect from a good casino!

Jackpot City specializes in slots. But you may enjoy table games with live dealers, too! Dealers work 24/7, it’s another big advantage of this Sask casino: most of the ground-based facilities work overnight only.

Enjoy the state-of-the-art software, more than 400 games of different kinds, attentive and careful support and, of course, one of the biggest bonuses in all the province: 1600 Canadian dollars and 2500 loyalty points for the recurring players.

Spin Casino

Another one of the glorious Saskatchewan casinos, Spin Casino offers you a whopping 600+ games and 1000 bonus Canadian dollars. Formerly known as Spin Palace, this facility delivers you fun all the day round. The variety of money transfer methods and highest safety standards also work for its reputation. A pleasant bonus: Spin casino offers you a sportsbook option, if you are a fan of this type of bets.

Ruby Fortune Casino

Ruby Fortune came in with a bang! It started working in 2003 and got the “Best New Casino” award the very same year. It is now one of the best facilities in the world, a pretty big achievement for a relatively young casino in Saskatchewan. The payout time is significantly shorter than in most online gambling facilities: Ruby Fortune pays your prize in no more than 24 hours. The wide range of games, over half a thousand, allows you to enjoy them endlessly. The decent bonus of 750 Canadian dollars also makes your gambling process safe and funny. Though it is lower than in the first two casinos, the rest of the standards (including safety and gaming experience) allow Ruby Fortune to have its place in our list.

Casino Tropez

One of the most luxurious Saskatchewan online casinos, Casino Tropez gives you the posh atmosphere of a land-based venue. The games are carefully chosen by hand, over a thousand of them made by the best developers were selected to bring you joy. The gambling is also available for plenty of devices and optimized for them, so Casino Tropez is all about your comfort.

The luxury comes with a price though. There is no welcome bonus, but your first deposit will be doubled! The loyalty rewards fully compensate for it though. We can’t recommend Casino Tropez for newbies, but the experienced players will be delighted with the choice and attitude. It is the place to come and stay.

Betway Casino

Another Saskatchewan casino that now operates all over the globe, Betway Casino has a recorded 20 million Canadian dollars jackpot won by a customer. A pretty impressive number, right?

A perfect place for new players, it offers a thousand Canadian dollars bonus and more than 500 games to enjoy. The world-class name requires world-class service, so the tech support and software are flawless.

How We Rate Online Casinos in Saskatchewan?

The criteria we use to find the best Saskatchewan online casinos are quite simple: safety, fun, and bonuses. We have lots of a great time testing different games on many platforms and chose the top-5 of the best digital Sask casinos. Let us tell you more about each part we checked out!

Bonus offers for new and existing players

The welcome bonuses are the essential part of the wonderful experience you can get. The first impression is extremely important, but even more so for novice players. First-time gamblers usually feel nervous about their finances. They don’t fully trust the casino, they don’t trust the software, sometimes, they don’t even trust in their own luck. That’s where bonuses come into play. Some free, non-withdrawable money instantly ease up the situation. The new players feel relaxed and try the new games, learning the rules, having fun, and opening up for more playing. Every casino, Saskatchewan or not, has its own form of welcome bonuses, but we chose only those that fully allow you to feel the gambling experience using bonuses only.

But the new players aren’t the only ones who need some reassurance. The crazy competition between Saskatchewan online casinos makes them fight for every customer and reward them for commitment. That’s why loyalty bonuses for recurring gamblers are equally important. They may take the form of daily, weekly, or even monthly rewards, free spins, or seemingly random achievements that make players feel welcomed and valued.

Payout and deposit

Fun is important, but money is also important because it is a big part of the experience. Some people even gamble for a living, and lots of Sask casinos do provide this possibility (especially for poker players, where strategy is as important as luck). That’s why fast and fair money withdrawal is crucial for casino’s success. There is no sense in playing when you can’t have your money here and now.

But depositing money easily is equally important. To get a payout you need to put some money into your account first. And nothing can be more disappointing than money “hunging” between your card and your account. Smooth money transfer both ways makes half of the fun in any casino, Saskatchewan or elsewhere.

License and Security

Even the easiest money transfer and the best bonus offers make no sense without legal and secure operations. The Saskatchewan casinos we choose are thoroughly studied and deemed legal and totally safe. We read Terms and Conditions and any legal papers the facilities provide, we also check if the casino’s rules are in line with the current province laws. If everything is fine, we look into tech things: software, personal information safety, foolproof interfaces, and many other parameters we don’t usually think of too often. But safety and security is that underwater part of the iceberg that we don’t see but that keeps things together. That’s why we just don’t allow Sask casinos that aren’t safe enough to our list.

Players support

Sometimes even the safest environment may glitch or fail. Or the players may misunderstand the rules and conditions. That’s the time and place for player’s support to shine. The great support team may work out any inconvenience, leaving the player with the warm feelings and wish to come again. The incredible competition and amazingly loaded playing servers (especially on Fridays, weekends, and holidays) make support quality an essential feature for any casino in Saskatchewan that wants to keep its players engaged.

The perfect player support should not only be super friendly and eager to help. The members should work 24/7 (some people play from different time zones, and some are just night owls), they should know at least English and French, but other international languages are a big advantage. And, the most important thing, they should fix things quickly and in the best way possible.

Gaming experience

The bad scenarios are checked, it’s time for the best ones. All Saskatchewan online casinos provide an immense gaming experience with dozens of game types and hundreds of games. But it is not enough to collect all the games possible anymore. We check the most popular and loved slot games, new and unusual game types, virtual tables with live dealers (these games demand real human presence, so Sask casinos that can provide them, have a big advantage).

The diverse features, prizes and sudden rewards also contribute a lot to the gaming experience. It’s always pleasant and exciting to get more than you expect, so we’re choosing the casinos that did even better than we thought!

Device optimization

The main feature of Saskatchewan online casinos is their ability to provide you fun in every corner of the world. The possibility to gamble using your portable devices is one of the crucial differences that make digital casinos more appealing than their land-based counterparts. The casinos in Saskatchewan that made it into our list are optimized for the majority of the gadgets: tablets, smartphones, netbooks, laptops and so on. Surely, we can’t check every model and every type, but we did check the most popular models and all the gambling sites and apps are working perfectly.

Saskatchewan Gambling Law and Taxes

As in the rest of the country, gambling in Saskatchewan is regulated by the province’s laws. There were only two types of legal gambling in the 90s: lotteries and horse racing. Now the ground-based casinos are legal and regulated: you may gamble if you are over 19 years old. Unfortunately, the online casinos in Saskatchewan stay in the grey legal area: they are not forbidden, but there are no legal documents regulating their activities except the online lottery.

But no one was fined for gambling in Saskatchewan, and lots of people enjoy gambling daily. There is no special gambling site, like, for example, in British Columbia, where you can choose any registered Sask casinos to try. But still, you can always find a place to have fun by yourself!

You don’t have to pay any taxes if you win. Only the registered gamblers, who work in this industry shall pay the taxes, like we all do when we get paid. But you may pay the commission of your bank or money transfer system during money withdrawal – no casinos in Saskatchewan can do anything about it!

List of Land-based Casino Halls in Saskatchewan

Dakota Dunes Casino

The relatively young Saskatchewan casino, Dakota Dunes, opened its doors in 2018, together with the hotel with the same name in Saskatoon. It became one of the most popular places to spend a weekend, with a full-fledged fitness centre, business centre, swimming pool and a couple of restaurants. The casino itself boasts hundreds of slot machines, three-table poker room and a separate VIP room. It is a perfect and high-class place to gamble big time.

Northern Lights Casino

The romantic name fits the atmosphere perfectly. It has won the “Nightclub of the year” award in 2009, becoming a magnet for the people who want to have a great time gambling and partying. Almost 600 slot machines, 11 table games of different kinds and live dealers ready to play are at the service of the visitors.

Northern light is a clubhouse. You earn club points for new visits, these points are redeemable in cash and other bonuses. If you are a Prince Albert dweller and love gambling as a recurring activity – this is the place for you!

Gold Eagle Casino

One of the native Sask casinos, Gold Eagle offers you 300+ slot machines, poker and other table games. While it may look like a modest range of activities, the facility is also famous for other events: parties, concerts and even weddings. Live performances visit the venue weekly, and the local restaurant is ready to accommodate big parties.

Gold Eagle has no hotels, but it has a Gold Eagle Lodge nearby, so, if you want a quiet place to rest after the gambling night or partying hard, this is a great choice!

Painted Hand Casino

This casino is considered one of the best in all the Saskatchewan province. The minimum jackpot won there was a whopping 50 000 Canadian dollars, but the biggest award can reach up to a million. 250 slot machines and some table games make Painted Hand a pretty quiet place, where you can concentrate on gambling without being distracted by hundreds of visitors.

The facility is also famous for its musical events, concerts, plays and other entertainment. The native dishes in the local restaurant will pleasantly amaze you, too!

Top Casino Games Played in Saskatchewan

Online slots

One of the easiest and most popular types of games, slots allow you to relax, trust your luck and just watch the bright wheels spinning. It is a delight of its own: watch the pictures, hear the sounds and enjoy the atmosphere of the casino – with the chance to get rewarded, of course!


The game that is always taken seriously. The pro poker players rely not on luck, but on strategy and iron will. This game is one of the most popular in Saskatchewan for a reason: a poker tournament may bring you a fortune.

Black Jack

Possibly not as popular as poker, Black Jack has its place in the heart of the gamblers. The second most loved game, Black Jack can be played in almost any casino in Saskatchewan, both online and ground-based.


The iconic casino game, roulette is an eternal classic. Roulette tables are present in almost every land-based casino, and in all the online ones. Playing roulette may be the pure luck or game of numbers, math and wits – take it as you like!

Online vs Offline Gambling In Saskatchewan: Pros and Cons

Online gambling benefits

  • Welcome bonuses and loyalty points to keep you engaged during the first visit
  • Accessibility – play anywhere, you just need the Internet connection
  • You don’t have to dress fancily, spend extra money for transfer and meals

Offline gambling benefits

  • Lots of additional entertainment: shows, swimming pools and restaurant
  • A great way to socialize
  • You can take your prize in cash immediately


Is gambling legal in Saskatchewan?

The gambling isn’t regulated by the laws, but it isn’t illegal either, so you are welcome to play unless you are an underage person.

What is Sask’s minimum gambling age?

You need to be over 19 years old to gamble in Saskatchewan.

Am I required to pay taxes if I win in a casino?

You don’t have to pay anything except your bank’s commission unless you gamble for a living and do it regularly.

Is it safe to play at Saskatchewan casinos?

If you are using the trusted casinos (like in our list) it’s totally safe! We can’t guarantee you prizes though.

How to identify bad online casinos?

Check the reviews at third-party sites, the Terms and Conditions page, and the year of opening. Bad casinos usually don’t last long.

What are the recommended payment methods?

Each casino has its own payment methods, but the major ones like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal and Payoneer are accepted by most of them.

Where is the best casino in Saskatchewan?

Choose your own from our list! They’re all incredibly cool.