Online Casinos in Quebec

Quebec is a place to live for eight and a half million people, but still, there is a lack of ground-based casinos. Only four facilities are ready to accommodate gamblers. Despite being marvelous by themselves, Quebec casinos just can’t physically satisfy the demand of the gamers of the largest province. Moreover, the classy casinos in Quebec lure people from the rest of the country, so there is even less room for the local players. No wonder that one should book, say, a poker table way ahead!

We don’t know what caused such brick-and-mortar casino shortage, but hey, it’s 21st century! Quebec online gambling is in charge and provides the best gaming experience possible for players from all over the country and abroad. Both local Quebec online casinos and their international counterparts are welcomed here, providing healthy competition and tremendously broadening the range of games available.

Let’s check out the best online casinos Quebec can offer you!

How We Rate Online Casino in Quebec?

Obviously, we play there before we rate. We always want to have a look from a novice player’s point of view (because more experienced gamblers might add a casino or two to our list by themselves!). Are there bonuses and welcome offers? Does the casino look safe and legit? Is there customer support and does it actually help? Safety, honesty, and transparency are our first priority, but even the best of the best should offer something more to get into our list. Let’s browse through our criteria in details:

Bonus offers for new and existing players

You come in, you want a warm welcome. It’s even more important for the new, anxious players, who want to be sure that they can try the games without spending all their money. Gambling is risky entertainment, so you want to be sure that you won’t become broke just because you didn’t understand some rules. The best Quebec online gambling experience should eliminate this anxiety completely.

Welcome bonuses, usually in the form of non-withdrawable money or free spins, allow you to learn all the games in a no-sweat mode, without spending a dollar. This feature is great in both ways: the casino gets returning customers, who have built trust with it, and players have lots of free fun. This free fun logically continues in bonus offers, daily, weekly, for certain deposit amounts, or just random. You want to feel like a dear guest always, not only for your first visit. So, the recurring bonuses are our valuable criteria, too.

Payout and deposit

You want to win and have your money, it’s natural. The process of depositing and withdrawal should be a piece of cake, or it will spoil all the fun otherwise. We want our listed online Quebec casinos to work with all (or almost all) major payment systems. It adds a lot to the credibility of the facility because they need to make a lot of legal paperwork to connect themselves with, let’s say, PayPal or Visa. Moreover, trusted payment systems make money transfers a smooth and fast process. No one wants to wait a lot until the money is transferred into the account. Waiting can cause lots of uneasiness and thoughts about money being lost or the casino’s unfairness. Luckily, most of the Quebec online gambling sites are equipped with state-of-the-art payment mechanisms, making money transfer a smooth and seamless experience.

License and Security

Safety is our top priority, remember? That’s why we thoroughly check the Terms and Conditions section. We know that Canadian laws are pretty lenient when it comes to gambling, but all Quebec casinos, both online and offline, should obey the few rules that exist. If this section and everything else considering money deposits and withdrawal sounds fine for us, we proceed to the next part: technical safety. The web applications that involve money transfer should be secure and foolproof. What happens if the internet connection disappears amidst the game? What can you do in case of site glitches? Will you get a refund if you lose your money due to technical troubles? Is it safe to leave your personal information and card number at the site? Only when we learn the answers to all these questions, we add the new facility to our list of best Quebec online casinos.

Players support

Even the most intuitive interface and smooth gambling process need some help sometimes. That’s where the player support steps in. These guys and gals help us to resolve issues, reassure us, and generally do the hard work of keeping us satisfied and encouraging us to return to this particular Quebec online casino even after some inconveniences.

We want to know how many languages the tech support speak (English and French are a must, but maybe they can cater to other customers’ needs too?), is it available 24/7, can the staff handle the tough and anxious clients without getting irritated, how fast they can fix the issue or offer some other resolutions. We understand that inconveniences happen, but it is the way to handle them that matters.

Gaming experience

The User Experience Designer profession exists for a reason. Experience is the main thing we come for. No online casinos, Quebec or elsewhere, can guarantee you prizes. But all of them guarantee you some fun experience to enjoy. We understand that this is a pretty subjective criterion, but we tried our best to approach it rationally. We check the sound and visuals, the range of games available, the diversity of prizes and features, and everything else that makes us happy with all that shine and tingling. Rest assured, there are only the most interesting Quebec online casinos on the list!

Device optimization

The most appealing trait of Quebec online gambling is the possibility to play anywhere anytime. No need to dress fancily, drive, and pre-order tables: the casino is always at your service. This freedom requires a careful technical job. Adjusting the online casino to every device possible, from a laptop to the smallest smartphone, is a tricky task. Still, it is necessary, because the crazy competition between the casinos just urges them to do that. What can be more pleasant than having a game or two during a long trip or in the hotel at the world’s end, having just your smartphone in your hands?

Of course, we can’t check each and every device invented by humanity, but our broad park of personal gadgets is enough to make at least some conclusion and decide if this particular casino cares about device optimization.

List of Online Casinos to play safely in Quebec

Getting tired already? Here is the tasty part: the top of the top Quebec online casinos!

Jackpot City

One of the oldest Quebec online casinos with the perfect reputation. The long history of winners shows that it is truly possible to get rich here. The Jackpots are literally millions of Canadian dollars and they are regularly won by ordinary people.

The best games to play in Jackpot City are slots, but live dealer games are also a big chunk of entertainment here. The great software and support make the gambling process a pure pleasure. No need to worry about the glitchy site or lagging games: everything is kept up-to-date and working. All the 400+ games are ready to bring you fun.

The security level is also one of the highest across Canada. You may pay and withdraw with any of the major payment systems, not worrying about sharing your personal data with third-party apps.

The 1600 bonus Canadian dollars and 2500 loyalty points as a warm welcome are also very appealing for the new players. Recurring players will also find lots of fascinating loyalty bonuses throughout their play experience.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino has one of the widest game ranges among all the Quebec online casinos: a whopping 600+ games. Formerly known as Spin Palace, this facility is famous for its high-quality service, variety of banking methods, and polite customer support. The significant welcome bonus of 1000 Canadian dollars also contributes to the overall image of Spin Casino.

You may also enjoy the sportsbook here. The perfect and long legal history of this facility may assure you that the money you deposit are totally safe.

Ruby Fortune Casino

Another long-living casino, famous for its financial and legal transparency. Not only it is one of the best online casinos in Quebec, but Ruby Fortune is also renowned worldwide. More than half a thousand games to enjoy: slots, roulettes, live dealer games, and lots of others are waiting for the new players, together with the 750 Canadian dollars welcome bonus. This casino has one of the fastest payout rates, all the transactions are completed in mere hours. The customer service is flawless and the loyalty bonuses size will become a pleasant surprise for the recurring players.

Casino Tropez

The upper crust of online gambling in Quebec, Casino Tropez offers you a luxurious experience. The staff carefully chooses the games from the worldwide providers, creating a collection of more than a thousand options. No more waste spins or dull games: only the top experience at your service!

The mobile apps make the gaming experience a pure pleasure: both Apple and Android devices are covered. The banking satisfies the highest safety standards. The only drawback is no starting bonuses we’ve got already used to. But you’d get a 100% bonus to your first deposit and monthly loyalty bonuses instead.


Another global facility, Betway has a registered jackpot world record: an incredible twenty million dollars. Some person has got the luck of their life!

But you don’t need to be that extra lucky to enjoy playing in Betway. It has one of the biggest welcome bonuses of all Quebec online casinos: 1800 Canadian dollars if you play via certain sites. Betway also offers plenty of payment methods and has a decent collection of 500+ games. It is Microgaming-friendly and can be entered from any device via a mobile app.

Quebec Gambling Law and Taxes

As in the rest of Canada, Quebec can regulate its gambling as a province. The Loto-Quebec lottery commission that regulated lotteries since 1969, got its online variety in 2012, so lotteries are totally legit in this province. Land-based casinos are also allowed (we still wonder why there are only four of them). Online casinos are vaguely regulated: they are still a legal blind spot. But they are definitely not forbidden, so you are free to play unless you are underage.

Sports betting that is offered by some casinos have some special rules, but in general you are free to enjoy them, too.

Payment methods in Quebec

Quebec is a modern province that allows you to use all the world’s most popular payment systems. Different casinos work with different banking systems, but, considering that most of them also work internationally, you will definitely find the one (or a dozen) that works with your favorite one. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Payoneer and even Bitcoin – use everything you like!

Land-Based Casinos

Casino Montreal

The largest Quebec casino and one of the largest in the world, Casino Montreal offers more than three thousand games: slot games, roulettes, poker tables, and the most modern virtual gaming experience. The enormous halls can accommodate thousands of visitors daily and provide the top experience with the high-class live dealers around more than a hundred tables.

Another feature of Casino Montreal is online gaming right in the hall. You may cooperate with your friends and compete with them via an internal network in the multi-game area. If you prefer a more classic experience, the private and enclosed poker rooms are at your service.

The leisure options choice is as luxurious as the casino itself. Several restaurants and bars, including the high cuisine ones, and even the cabaret you can enjoy.

Address: 1, avenue du Casino, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 4W7

Casino du Lac-Leamy

Located at the luxurious Hilton Lac-Leamy, this casino is a perfect place to spend your weekend. In addition to all the hotel facilities, including five restaurants, SPA, and swimming pools, Casino du Lac-Leamy offers almost two thousand slot machines and sixty table games with live dealers to enjoy with friends.

Address: 1 Bd du Casino, Gatineau, QC J8Y 6W3, Canada

Casino de Charlevoix

Another casino that is situated in the five-star hotel, Casino de Charlevoix allows you to enjoy slots, video poker, and live table games: from classical Texas Hold’em to roulettes and much more exotic game choices.

The leisure facilities include swimming pools, gyms, jacuzzis, tennis courts, golf fields and lots of places to dine and see live shows.

Address: 183 Rue Richelieu, La Malbaie, QC G5A 1X8, Canada

Casino de Mont-Tremblant

A place with a perfect view, Casino de Mont-Tremblant is a place to see! Both architecture and nature are incredibly appealing. The three floors of the facility offer a wide range of slot machines – more than half a thousand, and twenty live game tables.

The luxurious rest options include restaurants, bars, live performances and incredible sights to enjoy.

Address: 300 Chem. des Pléiades, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 0A7, Canada

Top 8 popular cities in QC by land-based casinos

  1. Montreal.
  2. Laval.
  3. Quebec City
  4. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  5. Trois-Rivières

Top Casino Games Played in Quebec

There are no special casino games popular in Quebec, but the most enjoyed ones are the same as in the rest of Canada: Poker, both sport and hobby varieties, Black Jack, Roulettes of all kinds, and, of course, Slots and Lotteries. Slots are the most popular game in online Quebec casinos, but the major ground-based facilities also offer hundreds of slot machines.

Online vs Offline Gambling In Quebec

Online gambling benefits

  • Free money, welcome bonuses, free spins, and loyalty bonuses
  • Available anywhere and anytime
  • Great recreation for less money

Ground-based gambling benefits

  • Lots of additional leisure facilities
  • Fancy way to go out
  • Immediate prize withdrawal


Is gambling legal in Quebec?

Yes, it is totally legal unless you are underage. Ground-based casinos, online casinos, lotteries and sport bets are available in Quebec.


What is the legal age for playing casinos in Quebec?

You may gamble since you are 18 years old


When do casinos open in Quebec?

The ground-based casinos are fancy facilities that are usually open in the evening and stay working overnight. The online Quebec casinos are open 24/7


Am I required to pay taxes if I win in a casino?

Unless you gamble for a living, you don’t have to pay any taxes if you win. You may pay a withdrawal fee though, it depends on your preferred money transfer system.

Is it safe to play Quebec online casinos?

Use the trusted casino sites (such as listed above) and you’ll be totally safe!


How to identify bad online casinos?

Check out the reviews, read the Terms and Conditions part carefully, look through the banking system it works with. The older casinos and casinos that operate worldwide are usually the most reliable ones.


What are the recommended payment methods?

You may use any method you prefer, but usually, the direct withdrawal via Visa or Mastercard is the fastest way to get your money.