Online Casinos Manitoba

The First Nations casinos are the places the visitors of Manitoba should see. There are several land-based casinos, both First Nations and government-run, with their unique identity and atmosphere. The Canadian gambling laws are quite strict, so this kind of fun is limited to several provinces. Casinos in Manitoba are lucky places where gamers can relax and have fun.

But what can you do if you can’t visit Manitoba casinos right now? The wide range of online gambling sites, totally legal, entertaining and diverse is at your service. The only thing you need is to be 18 years or older. You may play poker tournaments or just have a game or two for fun, enjoy slots, lottery games, roulettes and other casino games, both classical and unique. MB Casinos may keep you entertained during the trip, after a hard working day or while the quarantine prevents you from having fun in the real facility. The sounds, the looks and the experience are made as authentic as possible to give you the closest feeling to the ground-based gambling palaces of Manitoba.

List of Online casinos to play safety in Manitoba

To make your experience safer and more enjoyable we carefully checked and selected the best online casinos in Manitoba. We check lots of different parameters to make sure that the casinos fit the strictest requirements of our list. Here are some of the main criteria we check: 

Welcome bonuses and no-deposits

The novice gamblers often feel unsafe while they need to spend their money from the get-go. The welcome bonuses are the best way to make your first experience the most comfortable. Here, in our list, all MB casinos offer you the welcome bonus tokens, free spins or other kinds of free enjoyment. You will have enough time to explore all the games, understand the strategy, find your favourite one without spending a single cent. Only after that you will make a decision to invest your money in gambling… or proceed to the next point of our criteria list: the no-deposits.

No-deposit is the way to play completely for free. Of course, you can’t win the real money, but you can’t lose it either! This kind of gambling is great for pure recreation, when you just want to feel the Manitoba casino vibe and have some fun without any risk. The new players can stay at no-deposit as long as they want to feel totally safe and try their luck when they are ready.


The main trait for any online casino, in Manitoba or elsewhere, is safety. The people trust their money to the site and they want it to be extremely secure. We thoroughly check the safety of the website and, especially, the payment system, the date and validity of the issued license, all the authority seals and legal documents to ensure our readers that it’s totally safe and legal to play here, and every winner will definitely get their money as soon as possible. We also pay attention to the software providers and their reputations to avoid any accidental security breaches because of faulty code. Everything that can be checked from the outside is checked by us!

Banking and withdrawal
There is no point in winning money if you can’t use them, right? That’s why we care about our online Manitoba casinos withdrawal section. We want them to have as many deposit and withdrawal options as possible, delivering your prizes as fast as possible and with the lowest commission. Also, the major payment systems that work with the online casino are the indicator of trust and safety that contributes to the previous point of our list.


When ordinary wins are just not enough, the casinos have jackpots. The hope to get one is one of the major points of interest for gamblers. Even the online casinos should give their customers a chance to win it all. The size of the jackpot is one of the major advertisement points for any casino in Manitoba and other provinces. We can’t promise that every reader can win a jackpot, but we are totally sure that everyone will have a fair chance for it.

Loyalty program

If you love the online casino, it should love you back! That’s our philosophy and that’s why we include the loyalty program into our list. The bonuses for fellow gamblers who prefer that particular casino should come steadily and be big enough to be really exciting and valuable. No clueless free spins that are given one per thousand paid ones, no loyalty points that you can’t really use – just real rewards and real fun!

Customer support

While the ground-based Manitoba casinos have friendly staff 24/7 online casinos should provide the same level of comfort and care. We know how frustrating it can be to see your money withdrawn and not received, or your favourite game glitching. We all are living people, we all have troubles with software sometimes, the real point is how we handle these troubles. We tested our listed casinos for support members’ friendliness, their understanding of the issues and ability to handle them at 3 AM.

Games diversity

Even the best online casino in Manitoba can be dull without the proper variety of games. The gamblers are very different, some people love poker and card games, some enjoy the games ruled by pure chance like slots and roulettes, some just love playing lotteries and so on. The best choice of games and their different types are important criteria we used to include the best online casinos into our listSo… let’s proceed to the list already!

  1. Betsafe Casino

Betsafe has been bringing gamblers enjoyment since 2006 and has almost half a million active accounts. This is one of the safest, most honest and most diverse online Manitoba casinos. You may also enjoy sports bets while you are playing.
Betsafe Casino offers the welcome deposit of 3000 Canadian dollars and 50 free spins.

2. CasiGO
This relatively new site opened in 2020 but it has proven its safety and ability to bring fun to the visitors completely. CasiGO offers generous welcome bonuses – the whopping 375 bonus spins are at your service! It also has a great loyalty program that rewards lasting gamers with bonus points, premium options and other pleasant things to use. The games offered on the site belong to 80 providers, ensuring the incredible diversity that never gets boring.

4. Golden Star
Golden Star online MB casino offers lots of sales and activities, such as Lucky Weekend bonus promotion. It compensates for the relatively small welcome bonus of 500 Canadian dollars and 100 free spins. Another interesting feature of Golden Star is that it accepts Bitcoins as payment.

YOJU offers a decent welcome bonus of 2000 Canadian dollars and 100 Mega free spins (that are better than average spins). It also returns 10% of every Monday payment as cashback and have different Mystery bonuses every Friday. The two main traits that earned YOJU this position in our list are brilliant customer support ready to help you anytime and the variety of more than three thousand games of different genres.

6. Jackpot City
Jackpot City is ancient in comparison to other Manitoba online casinos. It was founded in 1998 and features one of the widest game ranges ever. It also has a welcome bonus of 1600 Canadian dollars plus lots of additional sales and discounts. Playing in Jackpot City is a very comfortable process, its software works great with any PC, tablet or smartphone.

Ground-based casinos in Manitoba

  1. Club Regent Casino
    Located in Winnipeg, this casino has had its flawless reputation since 1993. It has two floors with machines on the ground floor and table games on the second one. Club Regent Casino is famous for the poker tournaments and Bingo games. It is also a great place to relax in some of its restaurants.
  2. South Beach Casino

If you love bonuses and party atmosphere, this is your best choice. More than 40 000 square foot of pure joy, with hundreds of different slot machines and dozens of gaming tables. South Beach Casino lives up to its name creating a lively and relaxed tropical atmosphere. It also has a fancy hotel where you can stay for a weekend full of different events, swimming in the pools, SPA, restaurants, and, of course, gambling.

3. Sand Hill Casino

A more modest venue with a great atmosphere, Sand Hills Casino features 300 slot machines and has a stylized ranch theme. The vibe here is warm and cozy, but don’t expect any posh and fancy events. It’s a great place to come with friends, see some performances on a live stage or relax in the pool between the games.

4. Aseneskak Casino
Aseneskak Casino is another example of smaller but extremely welcoming casinos in Manitoba. It features around two hundred slot machines and several table games. This casino holds friendly Texas Hold’em tournaments almost every two days. There are also various entertainment programs in the evenings and a great restaurant.

5. Assiniboia Downs Gaming and Event Center
It’s exactly what is said on the tin: a casino and event center. You may enjoy almost everything here, the range of entertainment few MB casinos can offer. You may watch racing, make bets, play slots or table games. It is also a great recreation place with an open terrace, great view and possibility to try the exotic cuisines from all over the world.

Manitoba Gambling Laws and Taxes

The Manitoba province has the privilege to set its own gambling laws. The online MB casinos need the province’s approval before they can operate there, but generally they all should work according to (very vague) The Liquor and Gaming Control Act. But if the approval is got, the casino is really located in Canada and allows fair play for fellow Canadians there shouldn’t be any problems.

There were no legal consequences for the players for playing online and no restrictions for the adult players (the people who aren’t 18 years old yet simply won’t be allowed to gamble by the system). The government doesn’t issue any specific papers about online gaming and we think that it won’t do it anytime soon. The pandemics causes the popularity of online Manitoba casinos to grow steadily, so there is no reason to curb something that makes the citizens happy and the business running.

How to Play at a Real Money Manitoba Online Casino?

Entering the online casino in Manitoba is as easy as registering at any other site. You should create your account, provide your credit card number and proofs that you are over 18 (some casinos allow playing without the proof, but as no-deposit only). That’s it, you are ready to play! The additional steps you may take are installing the online casino app to make your online gambling process more comfortable and accessible.

Online Gambling In Manitoba pros and cons

Gambling, and online gambling in particular, has lots of pros and cons (like any other recreational activity. If it’s your first gambling experience that’s what you need to know:


  • You may start playing for free using bonuses and no-deposits
  • Lots of casinos allow you to start playing in a few minutes after registration: no extra sweat
  • All you need is a steady Internet connection: play everywhere!
  • Online casinos don’t have to place slot machines physically, so they can may offer thousands of them
  • All the major online Manitoba casinos are safe, legal, approved and have flawless reputations


  • Though online casinos are fun, you won’t feel the vibe you have in the ground-based facilities with all the additional entertainment
  • The casinos are risky. It’s obvious, but we have to warn: you may not win.
  • Premium accounts have much more features (and consequently much more fun)


Is gambling legal in Manitoba?
Yes, there are no laws declaring it illegal. Though it’s still a grey area, no one was fined for playing yet. It is safe and legal to play at both Canadian and offshore sites.

Who regulates gaming in Manitoba?

The gambling is regulated by The Liquor and Gaming Control Act and provincial laws. But these laws are a bit outdated considering online gambling, so they are mostly considering the ground-based Manitoba casinos.

What is the legal age for playing online casinos in Manitoba?

You have to be at least 18 years old to play and bet money. Some casinos allow no-deposit play for the people under 18.

Am I required to pay taxes if I win in casino?

No, unless you are a professional gambler and do it for a living. If you have another job and just play as a recreation, you don’t have to play anything: all the prize is yours.

Is it safe to play Manitoba casinos?

Check the Terms and Conditions section of your chosen online MB casino. It should be properly licensed, has understandable payment systems and good reviews at the third-party sites. There are bad casinos that don’t play fair, but we hope our list will come in handy when you’ll choose your favourite casino.

What are the recommended payment methods?

The most common payment methods are Visa/MasterCard payments, PayPal and sometimes even cryptocurrencies.