Best British Columbia Online Casinos for playing

British Columbia is one of the best provinces for gambling. Though there are only three ground-based casinos in BC, Canadians from all over the country know British Columbia as a great place for recreation. The real thing that makes this business run is BC online casino industry. The latest changes in the rules put additional restrictions on the visitors of the land-based facilities, such as the need to declare their income if they want to bet more than 10 000 Canadian dollars. It may be very distractive and spoil the fun – that’s why BC casinos list adopts more and more offshore sites that allow people to gamble whenever and however they want.

Today we’re going to present you the list of the carefully selected best digital casinos in British Columbia. But let us introduce the choice criteria first.

How we find the Best BC Gambling Sites

The wide variety of BC gambling facilities allows us to be picky. We have played a bit here and there, made our conclusions, and selected the online casinos according to these features:

Welcome bonuses and no-deposit play

We sincerely consider this point the most important in our list, because welcome bonuses create the first impression about the casino. If the site owners want us to stay, they should give us the possibility to learn and try all the games before giving the money to the unfamiliar site. Providing no welcome bonuses – free spins, bonus money or temporary premium account – feels very unsafe and makes us look at the Terms and Conditions page more attentively. Bonuses are a must in the industry, and online casinos, BC or elsewhere, that don’t provide them, look plainly weird.

No-deposits is another pleasant part. Sometimes you can’t allow yourself to play big. Sometimes you don’t want to risk and stress out about the possibility to lose your money. Sometimes you just want to press the button and watch the vivid images spin. Online casinos may be a form of recreation, and we’re glad to announce that most digital casinos in British Columbia cater to this need, too. There are plenty of free options for the players. You can’t win real money that way, but you can’t lose them, too! So, if gambling became your favorite hobby, don’t worry, you can enjoy it in the no-deposit mode.


Security should be the top priority for any place where money is involved. BC online casinos are not an exception. Safety here consists of many factors: the overall casino’s reputation and customers’ feedback at the third-party sites; the software security and site reliability – all the online certificates should be present and up-to-date; the state-of-the-art legal documents, clear, honest, and understandable; the proper certification, and, of course, the trustworthy payment system. It’s a whole lot of parameters, but they all had to be checked before the facility appeared in our BC casinos list.

Money transfer system

No weird and random money transfer algorithms. The money should walk the familiar ways. That’s why we choose BC online casinos that use reliable money transfer systems. We check them both ways: the players should be able to easily transfer money to their casino account, and equally easily withdraw their prizes back to their bank card. The money should be transferred instantly, without any additional commissions (especially if these commissions are either not mentioned or mentioned in fine print somewhere at the bottom of the site), and, of course, safely.

Bonus wins

Who wants to win a jackpot? We do! We love BC gambling facilities that offer more than we pay for. Sudden wins, daily lucky hours, double free spins, everything that brightens our experience is very welcome. The hope to win a jackpot is a major hook that keeps players entertained, and even the smaller unexpected wins deliver a burst of endorphines to them. Of course, no BC casinos will promise you a huge win, but we have chosen sites where real people won jackpots and shared their experience. So, at least, we all have a fair chance!

Loyalty program

There are more and more online casinos, BC and offshore, so, they compete for the gamblers hard. We benefit from it, because of the emerging loyalty programs for recurring players. Bonus spins, daily and weekly enter bonuses, pleasant surprises or free plays are the things that make us feel valuable and desired guests. This feeling is another thing people expect from the entertaining facilities. Winning money is great, but we want to feel happy and welcomed even after losing – that’s what motivates us to return and try again!

Support service

While brick-and-mortar casinos in British Columbia have plenty of staff ready to help anytime, BC online casinos should have even more. Risking money may be stressful and even the slightest glitch of the site or application can cause anxiety. The customer support members of our chosen facilities can handle and resolve complicated issues, keeping the customers calm simultaneously. We also pay attention to the response time of the support members: people always need help here and now, even if it’s 4 AM.

Games choice

The last but definitely not the least. The main benefit of online gambling is that casinos don’t need real space to place all the tables and machines. You may experience thousands of games without even changing your seat. That’s why games diversity becomes just immense in British Columbia online casinos. Classical poker and other card games, with bots, staff members or real people, slots, lotteries, even sports bets – all these game genres are presented at our chosen sites.

Now it’s all clear and checked, let’s finally see the list!

  1. Jackpot City
    A casino operating from 1998. The people who can keep it afloat have our respect! The perfect reputation hasn’t changed from that time, but everything else has changed a lot. Now you may play on any device, portable or not, enjoy the 1600 Canadian dollars welcome bonus and plenty of free spins. Jackpot City offers more than 500 games, both classical and custom.
  2. Grand Mondial
    The small welcome bonus (only 250 Canadian dollars) is compensated with a 100% bonus on the second deposit. The loyalty program is also one of the best, so give Grand Mondial a chance! The main feature of the casino is the Instant Millionaire lottery that allows you to win a million just for being there and playing. This casino is famous for its slot games and offers more than 600 of them.
  3. Lucky Nugget
    Another industry veteran, also opened in 1998, the Lucky Nugget casino offers a modest welcome bonus (200 Canadian dollars), but it also has a 100% match bonus for every deposit greater than 150 Canadian dollars. Lucky Nugget is one of the safest and the fairest British Columbia casinos – it’s the case when the name says it all. You may play live dealer games, table games, or slots here and be sure that your prize will be handled to you immediately.
  4. Gaming Club
    The Gaming Club casino is famous for working since 1994 and its remarkable loyalty program. It’s another facility that doesn’t need an introduction, so its welcome bonuses aren’t extremely generous (350 Canadian dollars). Still, a double deposit bonus and additional bonuses for staying with them compensate for it big time. The Gaming Club is all about long-term relationships!
  5. All Slots Club
    Well… there are all the slots here indeed! This casino constantly updates its slots pool and the welcome package of 1500 Canadian dollars will allow you to try them all! More than five hundred slots are waiting for you to play.

Gambling Laws in BC and Taxes

The British Columbia Lottery Commission is the unique and first gambling-regulating governmental body in all Canada. So, BC online casinos became the first to be properly regulated since 2010. That means that it’s fully legal to gamble online here.

Still, even in 2021, there are no requirements to license online gambling sites. There is only one government-regulated online casino in British Columbia. All the others are either private or offshore, but still, they all are totally legal to play.

The legal age of gambling is 19, and you might need to provide your personal information to prove that you are over 18 years old. No worries, this data won’t go anywhere else, the casinos just need it to let you in and then pay your prizes.

You don’t need to pay any taxes or additional commissions for your wins unless gambling is your primary source of income.

Online gambling in BC: Pros and Cons


  • much more welcome bonuses than in the land-based casinos
  • free spins and daily bonuses, first deposit bonuses etc
  • possibility to play free for fun
  • Mobile Casinos – apps for mobile devices that allow you to play everywhere with your smartphone


  • brick-and-mortar casinos offer lots of additional entertainment: restaurants, live music etc
  • you can’t use the online casino as a place to go out
  • you have to wait 1-3 days to get your prize, while in the ground-based casino you’ll get it instantly

Land Based Casinos in British Columbia

1.Parq Vancouver

A great place to visit, Parq Vancouver is located in the city downtown. It is a posh place with more than six hundred slots and seventy tables – not every online casino in British Columbia can boast such a wide range of games! The best restaurants, SPA, VIP rooms, two hotels, and other premium facilities are at guest’s service.

Address: 39 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0R3, Canada

2. Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

Hard Rock is a world-renowned brand and Hard Rock Vancouver is no exception. It is a complete recreational center with the theater accommodating more than a thousand visitors. This theater hosts weekly shows and performances, the restaurants provide the world-class cuisine, and, of course, there are a whopping 950 slot machines to play!

Address: 2080 United Blvd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6W3, Canada

3. River Rock Casino Resort

As we can see BC casinos have it big. River Rock Casino Resort is another recreational palace with more than a thousand slots machines, a separate poker room, and plenty of other table games. There is also a VIP lounge, restaurants, hotel suits, and everything that makes visitors feel cozy and relaxed.

Address: 8811 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3P8, Canada

Top 8 popular cities by land-based casinos

  1. Vancouver.
  2. Kelowna.
  3. Kamloops.
  4. Victoria.
  5. Chilliwack.
  6. Prince George.
  7. Penticton.
  8. Langley.

Conclusion on British Columbia Online Gambling Sites

While ground-based BC casinos are mostly situated in the big cities, online BC gambling is available for you everywhere. The legal approval and the Mobile Casino services that allow you to play via mobile apps make gambling easy and enjoyable. The most pleasant part of digital casinos in British Columbia is the possibility to play for fun for free and generous welcome bonuses for visiting their sites.

Online casinos in Alberta FAQ

Is Gambling Online Allowed in British Columbia?

Yes, it is totally legal and allowed, the only thing you need to prove is that you are above 18 years old. The gambling sites can be penalized for different violations, but the players are never guilty.

Who regulates gaming in British Columbia?

Online gambling is regulated by the British Columbia Lottery Commission since 2010. This commission is a unique governmental body in all the country. But the gambling laws in BC are pretty lenient still.

What is the legal gambling age in British Columbia?

The legal BC gambling age is the same as in the rest of Canada: you should be over 18 years old to play.

What about taxes of my winnings in British Columbia?

You don’t have to pay any taxes unless you gamble for a living and this is your officially primary source of income.

How to choose the best online casino in BC?

Feel free to check our best BC casinos list! We have carefully selected the most trustworthy and fun facilities present in British Columbia.

What gaming options are available to residents of British Columbia?

Plenty of them! Poker, other table games, slots, lotteries, sports bets – you name it! All these entertainments are completely legal in BC.

Is it better to play at online or offline casinos in BC?

Both BC online casinos and ground-based ones have their benefits and drawbacks. Please check our Pros and Cons section to learn more about them!